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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by LSL Webmaster, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. LSL Webmaster

    LSL Webmaster Administrator

    Well Guys, wanted to let you know that although im out, I'm ok.

    I've been in a Dancing on Ice bubble for 5 months & when it popped i was gutted but i feel i did well & i hope i made you all proud.

    In my heart i know i did my best.

    Thank you for all your votes, best wishes & support.

    Love Lisa x
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  2. Gem

    Gem .."Take your mask off H!"

    Of course u made us proud!!! Love u xxx
  3. da_hype

    da_hype Coz I'm Burnin'...

    Lisa, everyone is sooo proud of you and I hope you every succes in the future - especially with the tour!! I KNOW you'll be great!!
  4. danny0000

    danny0000 Danny scott-lee

    we are soooooo proud of u.. we love u xx
  5. kindasleazy

    kindasleazy New Member

    Yep Lisa you're amazing, keen your chin up babe you did so well on the show and we all know you should still be there this week but fate works in mysterious ways, you never know what great opportunity is right round the corner :) xx
  6. R-Jay

    R-Jay Totally Ice-Lee

    Lisa you are fierce and cant wait to see you birmingham on the tour xxxxx
  7. Elekta-fan

    Elekta-fan New Member

    lisa i am soooo proud of u!!!!!!!!!!! NO-ONE can say a bad word about ur performance on dancing on ice because u were so fabulous:D, lol xxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. GrandadSteps

    GrandadSteps New Member

    Thanks for getting in touch Lisa - you know we all worry about you if you seem down! As for saying you did your best - that's something you always do! That's why we're always behind you because we know you won't let us or yourself down!
    I've posted the message below on another thread but I'm pasting it here incase you haven't already seen it...

    "I was gutted on Sat night, but you left the show in style with a stunning routine.
    I guess if you were told you'd be able to ice dance at such a high standard when you started your training all those months ago - you'd have never believed it!
    What a massive achievement you've made.
    Not only have you impressed on the ice but I think you've also shown a wider audience just what a fun-loving, determined, down-to-earth, honest, plucky, beautiful and talented woman you are! *gets embarrassed about saying 'beautiful"*! LOL!!!
    I hope you continue to attack your future projetcs with the commitment and drive we know you so well for, Lisa.
    You did yourself, your family, and your fans proud.
    Saturday evenings have never had so much sparkle!
    Keep shining, Lisa. Can't wait to see you at the Nottingham arena on the tour too!"

    Luv, Gramps x
  9. samantha

    samantha samantha

    last weeks dancing on ice was not fair, emily is not a very good skater she shud ave gone instead of u. :unhappy:
  10. Welsh_Wonder_75

    Welsh_Wonder_75 New Member

    U rok

    Hey lisa
    U rok my sox
    Just wanna say well done in dancing on ice!
    You got further than all my mates thought u would!
    Luv u 4eva

  11. Lisasnumber1fan

    Lisasnumber1fan New Member

    Thanks for your message Lisa. x
  12. emilywaller1989

    emilywaller1989 New Member


    Hi Lisa,
    How are you?
    Hope the tour went well! I went to the one in Birmingham NIA on the 2nd of April and was at the front with the banner saying 'GO LISA'.
    Well done with all your skating, you are brilliant and should have won the dancing on ice trophy! I voted for you three times on the tour!!
    I hope you got a chance to skate your version of bolero on the tour. I am sure it was brilliant! Would have loved to have seen it!!
    Look forward to hearing how the tour went soon.
    Your fan, Emily x

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