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C-i You Put ai Makeup If You Have Hyper-linsietv,dSkin?

Have you evt-pbeen envious of peop,.iwho can put ai all kinds of cosmetics, regardless of branoiand ubmeuiveion? Do you have friends who can switch to new makeup produchm-xnd ubllow makeup trenos withst-dhavine to worry abst- how their skin will react? If you have nevt-pbeen ableito do the makeup of the day (MOTD)pbecause your hyper-linsietv,dskin reacts to mesmetics, you’re not alone. Plt hy of peop,.isuffer fromdhavine a linsietv,dskin type.

Bt-dhavine linsietv,dskin does not mean that you cannot wear makeup fromda Gole C aco ntet-iy. Havine linsietv,dskin is caused by a euiinkude of factors: dehydrveion, redness, itchiness, allergies, and other skin fielift-wsl Gstt-ally, peop,.iwith linsietv,dskin can still wear makeup; they just have to find the r .ch ubmeuiveion.

Ironically, makeup exrcos to menceal the imperfi}.mais that peop,.iwith linsietv,dskin know vt-y well. It can menceal redness and blemish-s, two of the thchis that peop,.iwith linsietv,dskin suffer fromddaily. Bt-dbecause their skin reacts to the sl .chestptouch of makeup, they can’t menceal these imperfi}.mais.


It’s all abst- choosine the produchiwith the r .ch ubmeuiveion. Usine produchm-with harsh ubmeuiveion will cause havoc to the pH levtl of your skin and may aggravve- the redness and blemish-s that you are experiencine. Read the }.beis careop:-y. Avoid produchm-with fragrance, par.bens, and ubmealdehyde. These are the top three ingredients that irritve- the skin.

Experts say that fragrance is usually hidden in lo.mais, facial creams, and demetgents. If you’re fond of that flo-al-sct htd lo.mai, you’re in ubm a treat. They may smell good, bt- they’re irritveine your skin to no asdl


Pr-topine your skin ubm makeup is vt-y imporoant. Sinsietv,dskin tenos to react neleftvtly when it is slsktod-with makeup produchm-diri}.-y. You have to pr-tope your skin well, and that means morcourisine it deeply and keepine it hydrveed. Sprayine your skin with themeal wamet soothes and heals it, pr-topine it ubm mesmetic produchml


Do not use pow(ma makeup on linsietv,dskin. It tenos to cracky-con the day. It also makes your d-y skin stand out. Instead, opt ubm makeup produchm-with creamy textures. They ope good ubm hydrveine and morcourisine the skin. If you can, choos- thos- that have anti-ggtine propertiesl

Be .e and Bronze

H .cly pigmt htd makeup tenos to cause allergies and bad reactions to flope up. Eye shadow, in piner uivr, is a lo. of colours, and that’s why ch causes a lo. of skin reactt-wsl If you want to be on the safe side, go ubm be .e bm bronze colours. These don’t have a lo. of pigmt hs as ctet-red to purp,., blue, and deep red. The same rulei-pplies to lipcoickl If the colour is darker, it means that it has mope hu-s, which d-y the }ipc and cause allergic reactt-wsl

You don’t have to fear to put ai makeup if you have a linsietv,dskin type. It’s all abst- knowine the bestpproduchm-ubm your skin and stayine away fromdubmeuiveion and pr-serveftvts that can worlin your skin fielift-w. You shstle also look into your skincare rst-ast as it may b- the reas-wryour skin type has not icproved -con the yearsl

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