Finding the Zen Inside Your Home

zen atmosphere in a japanese-inspired living room

A Japanese-inspired room might seem difficult to pull off, but don’t be fooled. You don’t need to live in Japan to enjoy the Japanese style.  Whether you’re in Orem or Salt Lake City, interior design can bring the Asian country to life, right inside your home. It’s all about harnessing the Zen that’s right inside your door.

For those who don’t know, the word “Zen” emphasizes meditation and self-reflection. In Japanese interior design, it’s best shown by having a room filled with peaceful energy, all while in a stress-free environment. While Zen has no distinct style to copy, there are many ways to replicate that same feeling inside your home. Here are some of them:


To have a Zen-inspired room, it’s best to keep things simple. Remember, Zen is about inner peace, and having excessive furniture at hand only takes away from it.

To do this, approach furnishing your room in a very minimalistic fashion. Keep your furniture count low, and make sure that your things are all out of the way. There should be plenty of breathing room available for you and potential guests.


The furniture that you’re looking for should be elegant but not overbearing. Zen emphasizes the intimacy between man and nature, so you’ll want to look for furniture that complements that aesthetic design. Polished wood for your tables and natural fabrics for your sofa are integral to pulling off a natural vibe. Things like candles and scents help accentuate the style while keeping the room’s atmosphere intact.


When decorating your room, make full use of what plant life you can get. Putting something like bamboo plants and bonsai plants can help bring out a very Oriental theme. The proper use of flowers brings out an earthy vibe in the room, and the full range of colors they have will provide the right amount of energy.

Having a good view also helps. A window overlooking your garden or one that shows a good view of the sunset can set the proper atmosphere needed to pull off the Zen style.


zen bedroom in a cozy and minimalistic vibe

The overall vibe your room gives should be one of restraint and calmness. Get rid of what clutter you can find and store them somewhere else. A Zen room doesn’t need a lot of things to function, so be sure to take out what doesn’t fit. Otherwise, it will distract from the style and ruin the mood you’re going for.


Keep the room’s color muted, and make good use of natural lighting. Large, expansive windows are perfect for keeping in touch with the minimalist design, while proper use of sunlight eliminates the need for durable fluorescent bulbs. Rugs can also be used, but remember to keep things to a minimum. It doesn’t have to be an expensive painting to fit with the theme. All that matters is not to overdo it. Keep things natural, and enjoy the Zen inside your home.

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